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SupaFuco - Fucoidan Stem Cell Therapy Keeps You Young and Healthy

SupaFuco - Fucoidan Stem Cell Therapy Keeps You Young and Healthy
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Price: RM84.00
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Fucoidan: Unlock the Healing Powers of Stem Cells in Your Body

By enhancing your stem cells, you can revitalize and rejuvenate your heart and brain, your lungs and arteries, your hands, knees, hips and other joints, your skin, vital organs and anything else that needs healing inside your body.

With Fucoidan, you can activate your body's natural production of adult stem cells from the bone marrow. As such, the number of new stem cells in your system will dramatically increase.

Now, you can enjoy the anti-ageing and health-rejuvenating benefits of stem cell therapy without painful or costly injections with Maritech® Organic Fucoidan, an all-natural seaweed extract.

With Maritech® Organic Fucoidan, you can activate your body's natural production of stem cells from the bone marrow, and dramatically increase their numbers. The more stem cells you have circulating in your blood, the greater your body's ability to heal. Stem cells are also rapidly directed to various parts of your body that require immediate rejuvenation or healing.

Clinically proven

  • Increases stem cells rapidly
  • Reduces skin darkening
  • Reduces joint paint in just one week
  • Promotes better and faster healing from wounds and illnesses
  • Promotes firmer skin
  • Prevents and reverses premature aging
  • Strengthens the body's immune defences

The World's Only Certified Organic Fucoidan

Each tablet supplies 100mg of Maritech® Organic Fucoidan from Marinova Pty Ltd, Australia, world renowned Fucoidan expert company. Just 1-2 tablets daily!

Maritech® Organic Fucoidan is hand-harvested from wild seaweed grown in the most pristine ocean waters, and is extracted using the Triple E process (Electrolyte Enhanced Extraction) - an advanced solvent-free cold water process that protects delicate Fucoidan from degradation, hence ensuring its potency, integrity and bioavailability.

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